Next up!

Okay readers…

It’s time to announce my next person to profile on my blog…

And today’s lucky winner is: VINCE CASO!

It’s midnight here now, so it won’t happen until later I’m afraid, but hopefully I’ll have an interview ready for you!
(Psst.. I gotta ask Vince first…)

As most of you probably know, it’s my birthday today (and no, I do not want attention)..

So, hopefully I’ll be lucky to get interview from both Vince and Felicia.. *fingers crossed* !!

That’ll be the GREATEST b’day gift ever !!!


Until next time..

PC out!

Oh, and Vince? If you’re reading this, can you please e-mail me at and set up any interview if you’re interested? 😀
(Btw, Vince IS actually reading my blog..)

Here’s a quote from his official Facebook profile:

 Ahh, I see now, wicked! 😀


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