About Vince Caso!

Vince CasoVince was born in Weymouth, MA in 1991. Moving to Los Angeles shortly thereafter, He have grown up in one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the United States.

Being raised in the arts, Vince always pursued a number of creative ventures, those being his constant interests. This same mindset and drive led Vince to begin making a name and great living for himself and others as an entrepreneur, eventually co-founding his own company, which now houses a number of ventures, products and services.

He love people, and he love to help. Vince want to see the world become a better and happier place, and he want to have a big hand in that.

Vince Caso plays the character “Bladezz” in The Guild.

Hopefully we’ll get an interview with Vince here as soon as Vince has the time!

He also plays a role as “The kid” in the episode “Tag” in the web series “The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour“.

Here is a bonus clip from “The Guild”:

Vince’s Audition:


Our video interview with Vince:


(Source http://www.vincecaso.com)


  1. Marielle, it’s not left out.. 🙂 I just haven’t gotten that far yet ! Hehe..
    Stay tuned , cause it will appear… Maybe not today, but it will suddenly appear 😀

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