Well, I said I wouldn’t update my blog today since it’s my birthday and all, but … I just have to!

I told my friend Xander on Google+ that I had a birthday, and that my biggest wish for the day was for Felicia Day would add me on Google+, and *poof*, suddenly there are swarming with circles out there about my birthday and that Felicia Day must add me and such!

I really must say, I’m really overwhelmed by all of this, in a positive way of course…!!

So.. In the power invested in me, I pronounce my Google+ friends officially my REAL friends!!

Special thanks to Heidi and Xander who may have pulled this stunt off!


It seems like Felicia Day is really strict on who she has on her friends list, and as a professional blogger that I have become, I totally respect that.

So – Even though it was my birthday, I’m still professional about it, and I promised myself I wasn’t gonna cry..

For now,

PC out!



  1. Thanks again, Xander.. It means alot that you guys are really commited to help out a stranger though!
    And yes, the day is still young (at least here. 11:45am), and yes, I’m fully aware that it’s still early in the US! 🙂

    I’m just glad that I got alot of new friends on Google+ !
    And I have just moved alot of them into “Friends” circle, just as I did with you! 🙂
    Again, thanks!!

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