A little “chat” with Vince Caso (“Bladezz”)

Hello all! 🙂

Just spoke a little with Vince Caso (also known as “Bladezz” in The Guild) on Google Talk..

Here’s some of it:

me: You play WoW, right? Like in real life?
Vince:  Used to
But not anymore.
Ran out of time for it. :)
me:  aha
too bad
I started playing WoW because of The Guild lol
Vince:  Same here
It was a lot of fun, but I just couldn’t do it anymore.
me:  That’s a shame dude
Vince:  Yup.
me:  what race were you?
Vince:  Made several chars
First was a human rogue, “Bladezz”
me:  I’m a hunter though.
shock lol
Vince:  I’ve also made a night elf druid
And a draenei (sp?) shadow priest and a death knight
me:  cool
Vince:  Those were my four primary characters.
me:  and which one did you enjoy the most?
Vince:  Honestly, I enjoyed all of them.
me:  Neat.
Oh, and I have just bought a new headset w/ mic for the video interview lol
Vince:  Nice. :D
Well, looking forward to it
me:  lol yeah
Vince:  Gotta bolt, mate.
me:  Good to hear!
Alright, buddy . talk to you later :) Have a great day!
Vince:  You too! Later.
me:  Later.
Now, that was alot of fun!
This chat transcript also reveals who will be in the video interview though, but that’s okay! 😀
Until next time,



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