Torta: Achievement unlocked!

On the Flog #3, Felicia Day and Robin Thorsen made a pai-like thing called Torta, which I decided I should try to make. First and foremost because I am horrible in the kitchen, but also because, well, I’m a fangirl. That’s how we roll.

(and a teeny tiny part of me thought, If Codex can do it, so can I. I know she’s not Codex, but she was very Codex-y in that Flog.)

So I went with it. I had to substitute some of the things, but after massive googling to find out the properties of each meat-thing and cheese, I found objects that were similar.

And it was DELICIOUS. And easy.

I challenge you to try it too! (recipe here or here)

And so; I solemnly swear I will attempt to make everything they cook up on the Flog.

Challenge accepted!

Join me? (no? ..bok-bok-booook…Coward. Oh, joining? Wooh!)



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