The Guild season 6 Finale

It appears to be the end. The last Guild episode..ever. Unconfirmed.


Steampunkers in distress!

Felicia posted on Twitter that the steampunkers known from season 5 of the Guild are very close to getting their kickstarter funded. They’re only a few hundred dollars short.

What they’ll do with the money;

What is this kickstarter funding?

  • A full-sized Tardis* for public viewing/ enjoyment
  • A rotating art gallery
  • A multi-use classroom to help teach unemployed people how to start and run their own business (classes will be published to help those out of area)
  • An in-store zeppelin
  • An adoption room with socialization and enrichment toys for red-listed animals from the North Central Animal Shelter
  • A fully themed gaming room for public use

Pets will be available to meet potential new families at Clockwork, pulled from one of the lowest adoption rate shelters in Los Angeles, North Central.

Who wouldn’t to help with making it happen? Three days left of the kickstarter, so let’s help out!

I will pledge 10$, you go do the same! πŸ™‚ View the kickstarter project HEREΒ (opens in new window.)

(FYI: If you feel like pledging 75$ you get to choose a 8 x 10” print of Felicia Day amongst others.